10 eateries in Kathmandu to go to when you have just 250 ruppees

Now stop worrying about being broke and hungry all the time because these places got your back.. More like your stomach!!

Only a true foodie will understand the joy of foods. 

Are you a foodie who can’t resist to go to restaurants even if you’re nearly broke?

Here are some of the places you could go to:

  1. 1 Daddy's Kitchen

    YouTube/ VMAG

    Daddy's Kitchen is located in Baneshwor. It is situated on the ground floor of the Omkar building. Do you like the idea of chicken instead of alu in a samosa? If yes,this is the best place to go to!! And it costs just Rs. 50!!

    This place has really delicious items such as chicken samosa, swarma, burger, wings and many more.

     Visit there once, and I am sure that you wouldn't be able to stop yourself from going there again and again!!

  2. 2 Bouddha Chowmein

    YouTube/ VMAG

    This spaghetti is the best spaghetti you could ever ask for which has soy sauce beneath the noodles topped with spinich, ginger and buff mince .This is the spaghetti like you've never seen before!

    Half plate of this spaghetti is enough for an average person who is quite hungry. Even half plate has so much of quantity and its costs Rs. 140.

  3. 3 Narayan Dai ko Mashangalli MoMo

    YouTube/ VMAG

    Narayan Dai ko Mashangalli MoMo is located in Gaushala and many other places. It's  one of the oldest and most loved momo places of Nepal! The crowd in this places says it all!!

    If you haven't been here,  you know where to go now. Right?

    Its charges differ as per the ingrediants. Buff momo and veg momo cost Rs. 150

  4. 4 Burger Freak

    Youtube/ VMAG

    Burger freak is located in South of Basantapur/Kathmandu Durbar Square. Every burger lover should once try this place. Burger freak serves very generous amount of all the ingrediants and especially meat! 

    Where else could you get a mouthwatering and a delish burger with full toppings and great taste starting at just Rs. 100 ?? 

    What are you waiting for? Go grab your burgers!!

  5. 5 KFC(Kwality Food Cafe)

    Youtube/ Get Curried

    Kwality Food Cafe(KFC) is located in Khichapokhari, Newroad. This place has THE BEST palak paneer, curries and naans. 

    Isn't this the best and the cheapest option??

  6. 6 Kharloom

    Kharloom is situated in Sudekhdhara near CAMAD College. They serve buff, chicken, pork, and even paneer and sausage momo.

    The achar here is made of peanuts and it is the real hero of this place.

  7. 7 Tip Top

    YouTube/ Syifa Adriana

    Tip Top doesn't even need any explanation!!  Come on, its Tip Top, the most loved place!

  8. 8 Syanko

    YouTube/ VMAG

    Syanko is placed in Bansehwor and  many other places like Jawalakhel,  Sinamangal etc.

    Katti roll happens to be best thing in Syanko, it surely is a delight to your taste buds!! You could give your stomach a delicious treat in just Rs.. 150-250!!

  9. 9 NPP

    YouTube/ VMAG

    NPP has many outlets. One of them is in New road, Kathmandu.

    These stick foods like heaven in your mouth!!

  10. 10 Chicken Station

    YouTube/ VMAG

    Chicken Station is in Mid-baneshwor, Baneshwor, Kumaripati and Pulchowk. 

    We Nepalese love rice. Yo maan ta mero Nepali ho. So, you could have a rice full of bowl with chicken popcorns and tomato gravy on the top. It costs Rs. 190 and you can keep ongoing for hours without being hungry after eating this!!

    Aren't these the best and the most delicious foods that you could have when you have less money but want some good delicacies? These foods would make your stomach as well as your maan(heart) happy!

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