10 Books By Nepali Writers That Deserve Their Own Movies

“Timiharule Nepali books padhne bani basalena bhane ma last risauchu hai guys!!” Sacar’s way!!

Nepali books are very informative, genuine and cover some great aspects of life. These books take us in it and make us feel like we're the ones who really are in it and we are living that life. Nepali writers write it in such a way that we put our whole attention, get attached with these books and not get bored anytime!

Here are some of the books written by Nepali writers that deserve their own movies:

  1. 1 Palpasa Cafe


    Palpasa Café is a Madan Puraskar winning novel written by Narayan Wagle which is one stop for readers of all kinds and ages. It is often called an anti-war novel, and describes the effects of the civil war on the common people. The terror of the civil war is represented in this novel. Moreover, it is a story of a tussle for love in the middle of turmoil.

    The book has been a best-seller in Nepal, creating a sales record for a Nepali book of 25,000 copies in the first year. Palpasa Cafe has officially became the first Nepali novel available in Kindle!!

  2. 2 Jeevan Kaada Ki Phool


    Jeevan Kaada Ki Phool is another Madan Puraskar winning book written by Jhamak Ghimire. It is a very heart touching story as describes the life of Jhamak Kumari Ghimire herself and her struggle since her childhood. 

    The book is inspirational, has ingenuity and is encouraging book that everyone can learn something from!!

  3. 3 Seto Dharti


    Seto Dharti is also a Madan Puraskar winning Nepali Novel in the year 2068 BS which is written by a very young and talented Nepali novelist Amar Neupane.A novel based on the story of the life of women named Tara, nine year old child widow who got married at the age of seven.

    The book is successfully presents the painful story of the child widow, Tara and the difficulties she experience in her journey.

  4. 4 Lu


    Lu is a novel written by Nepali Novelist Nayan Raj Pandey which shows the society  where Nepalese and Indian live together. It potrays the life of people of the Terai and shows the  issues of their poverty, discrimination, prejudice and tortures they face and also shows problems faced by the people in the border area.

  5. 5 China Harayeko Manche


    China Harayeko Manchhe is an autobiography written by Hari Bansha Acharya who is one of the most recognizable and respected personalities of Nepal. China Harayeko Manche shows the hardships and struggle that Hari Bansha Acharya has gone through to reach the position that he is in now. The book also portrays tragedy of untimely demise of his beloved wife, Mira which made him subtle, weak and depressed. And how he found Ramila and got married to her and found his partner in her for the rest of his life.

    There is so much to learn from this book!!

  6. 6 Radha


    Radha is a novel written by Krishna Dharabasi in 2005 that starts with real situation and takes the reader and the listeners to the world of fiction as it feels so genuine. Radha is a novel of  love, courage and determination and it mostly shows the woman's revolution against the patriarchal society. 

    The traditional plot tells us a modern story where the society is being democratic and male and females are equal!!

  7. 7 Karnali Blues

    Nepali Beautiful Collections

    Karnali Blues is one of the excellent Nepali books written by Buddhisagar. It a story of a father’s struggles, troubles seen through his son’s eyes.It shows the son's attitude toward his father and how his attitude keeps on changing. This potrays father-son relationship in a very emotinal and hilarious incidents.

    This does not seem like Buddisagar's first book. It is amazing!! The story is balanced with humor as well as heart touching stories.

  8. 8 Jaya Bhundi


    Jaya Bhundi is a book written by Bhairab Aryal which is based on the political, social, cultural, and religious aspect of Nepal in which the author has tried to show his essays in a satirical way. This book is full of funny moments and quotable lines; you could never get enough of!! 

    Jaya Bhundi is definitely one of the most loved books of Nepal due to its satire and humor!

  9. 9 Antarman Ko Yatra


    Antarman Ko Yatra is a book written by Jagadish Ghimire which means ‘Journey to inner heart’ was s first published in 2064 BS. The writer here describes his journey and the challenges he has faced in the process of becoming a writer. Antarman Ko Yatra is Awarded by Uttam Sahitya Puraskar and Madan Puraskar.

    This book gives lessons for organizational management in Nepal which might be very helpful and also presents come funny moments.

  10. 10 Phirphire


    Phirphire is another masterpiece written by Buddhisagar which is about a boy named Basanta who goes back to his village in order to see his house for one last time after 16 long years and unfolds the story of his friendship with Pawan. This book forces to believe the lively characters that are very easy to imagine and takes you back to your childhood days!! 

    It has a great mixture of both comedy and rollercoaster of emotions!!

    Do you agree with us? Tell us in the coments below if we've missed out on any other incredible books written by Nepali writers that deserve their own movies.

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