10 Addictive Apps You Can’t Stop Using

Gadgets chalaudai apps ma jhundinu ko ramailo nai arkai cha!

With the growing technology, apps are booming as well. 

But here are some of the apps that have caught our attention and we can’t resist to use.

  1. 1 Instagram

    YouTube/ Colleges Nepal

    Nowadays, we come to know all about people's life, what they are doing, the places that they have travelled, their go to place,restaurants and everything through their instagram.

  2. 2 Facebook

    YouTube/ Colleges Nepal

    Mamu haru le jatti hamilai facebook dherai nachala bhane pani hami bhanda parents' generation are more active on facebook. 

    What an irony!

  3. 3 TikTok

    Youtube/ Ramailo Online

    The Tik Tok craze has gone haywire!!!

    A confession: I don't use Tik Tok. Will this society accept me??

  4. 4 VSCO

    Youtube/ Lhakyila

    Wanna know the secret of all the celebrities' perfect edit and picture? 

    VSCO it is!

  5. 5 YouTube


    YouTube has conquered the social media and the apps, The popularity that YouTube has been getting is incredible.

  6. 6 Snapchat

    Paramita RL Rana

    Bored?? Have snapchat filter pizza just like Paramita.

    No matter what, snapchat filters make everyone look nicer than they already are.

  7. 7 LUDO

    YouTube/ Traffic Trick

    Everyone knows this game. 

    Especially, children would relate to this game more as they too want to get to home from school as early as possible!

  8. 8 PUBG

    YouTube/ Hindustan Times

    You surely now can understand tha hype that PUBG has created.

  9. 9 Candy Crush


    This game just looks easy but needs a lot of brainstorming as each level poses a different challenge to the user.

  10. 10 Fruit Ninja

    YouTube/ CaptainMcFunk

    Fruit Ninja is comaparatively easier than other games and it is not too complex. Fruit Ninja is played by kids, adults and even our grandparents. Its too popular that even dogs play it!

    Do you agree with us? Tell us in the comments below about other apps that you can't go a day without.

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